Devotional January 8, 2019


The Lord has been leading me on a journey of forgiveness.
In the church, you will constantly hear a lot about forgiveness. Often, it has us push things down, slap on a pretend to smile and not process any wrong that has been done to us. In fact, to those who have been deeply wounded, it can actually damage them more. You want to forgive, you say you choose to forgive, you even act on forgiveness, but still, you carry a burden. Why? What I am learning is forgiveness is a process. One that is impossible to get through without fully leaning on our Father. You see, only in Him can we be fully restored. Not anyone else and not by our own might. So, when we look at the people who hurt us for restoration, we will never find it. Our God is a God of Forgiveness, yes. However, He is also a God of Justice. There is no sin, including the ones committed against us that weren’t taken to trial and paid for on the cross. We cannot do it on our own. Paul talks about the wholeness of God in Ephesians 3. It’s only in Him that we can truly be whole again. Any bitterness, anger, resulted from unforgiveness has to be brought to Him. When people hurt us we are often left feeling unworthy, shamed, and as if something has been taken from us. That is where restoration is needed. The restoration that can only come from the Lord. Once we accept and allow that restoration to happen. That is when we can truly forgive others. I highly recommend the book “Fair forgiveness” by Dr. Bill Senyard, for anyone who is looking to learn more about forgiveness.

May you all be wrapped in the Fathers love, peace, and light,


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