Devotional January 9, 2018


I share my story often now, the man I was… The isolated, abandoned, abused, anxiety-ridden hurt scared boy that became an angry defensive, abusive and controlling man. 

That story once caused me to break under the weight of my own sorrow. I am aware of the past I lived. I am aware of the pain I had felt. I am very aware of what my life could still look like now. I no longer am defined by that person I was or the outcome that would have been. I have been reborn with a new day to begin seeking a deeper love for God. Where the heart stands the mind must bow.

Without God intervening we would repeat the same cycle in our families over and over through learned behavior displayed or new trauma experienced. The progression of sin is a downward spiral. I do not wish to imagine what that progression of torment would look like played out over eternity.

Our loving father does not remember that man I was, corrupted by sin and deceived by pain. God sees the capability of a loving heart once aligned with His. He sent His Son in our place for the sins of the flesh. Jesus took on the torment of a fallen world so that we may have new life in Him. With acknowledgment of new life through Jesus Christ, our debt to sin is paid. He gave us a way to be children again. Reborn loving vulnerable children being led by their heavenly Father.

A healthy fear of God is important to exhibit and understand the contrast of the love we have received, in the place of the painful path we have engaged in our lives.

God’s love is an unfounded, unexplainable and immeasurable love that transfigures our fallen nature and heels our most valuable relationship to our Heavenly Father.

I pray that we all find this love. I know that once this love is experienced the healing starts and the overflow is contagious. Be the light, that others may find hope in the dark. Jesus is that healing hope.


Shawn O’Donnell

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