Devotional December 24, 2018

Letting go of expectations

We all have expectations on ourselves, on our friends, jobs, significant others, and especially what our life should look like.

No person on this earth will live up to our expectations. I am not even aware of most of my expectations until they are not met. I even place expectations on God.

These ups and downs are dangerous. We are living out the precursors to feel-good chemicals in our mind from events and ideal circumstances that have not come to pass.

When we have the excitement and stimulation of a feeling, from a hoped-for experience, we are set up for a crash unless it is fulfilled.

I find calm and peace no matter what comes when I  let go of my expectations and I allow God to take the wheel. Even in unpleasant circumstances you can experience a  purpose-filled season of life that is steadied by faith.

In this holiday season I have expectations hidden away in my heart. Expectations of the love I will feel from others, or the gifts I will receive, and too many expectations on myself to even begin to list. The measure we use to look at the world around us will have its greatest intensity when looking in the mirror.

Be at peace with yourself by allowing Jesus to guide your steps. The greatest gift we find this Christmas is faith in Emmanuel (meaning “God with us”). He is there in that situation with you!  Jesus is there doing a work in my heart when I expect that I should fail and yet I persevere.

Have faith that God will exceed any Joy you could possibly hope for. Just do not place an expectation on what that Joy may look like and where it may come from. Have faith in the process and find peace in the moment.

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Abba Father,

I pray that we find calm in a world that floods or senses, and fills our heart with expectations that are outside of Your will. We find peace from faith in You Jesus. Let our faith be our greatest fulfillment.



Shawn O’Donnell

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