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I have a fondness for America’s Keswick for several reasons, the primary one is God changed my life there. It is where I found freedom from addiction and self. That’s not to say I’m perfect today, I still wrestle with flaws and failures, doubt and self-pity. Yet God rescued me from the pit I was in and established a faith in Him that is unshakable during my time in The Colony of Mercy at America’s Keswick.

They recently produced this video which I think captures the essence of what they are about. Give it a watch and if you are interested in more information, visit their site or give them a call. We love spending a week their every summer and visiting frequently. Even if it is in New Jersey, this Pennsylvania boy loves going there.

Description from the YouTube page:

Why Addiction Recovery at America’s Keswick?

Life can be hard, overwhelming, and crippling when an individual finds themselves in bondage to addiction, but America’s Keswick is here to help. For 121 years we‘ve been located in a safe, secluded area in Ocean County, New Jersey where we provide a peaceful and restful environment to help addicted individuals find victory while also providing resources and support groups for their hurting families as well.

We offer a Bible-based curriculum, which includes both group counseling and individual counseling with well-equipped and qualified staff. We also offer group meetings, bible studies, and work therapy so you will always experience support from those on the same journey as you are. At the Colony of Mercy and Barbara’s Place, you will find spiritual healing, a home away from home, and a second family. Don’t do life alone; Make the call to America’s Keswick today. Discover help and learn more

God Bless,

Andrew Springer

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