Peaceful Hearts in Times of Change

Change can be scary at times, there is no arguing that. We are creatures of habit, and when something disrupts our “normal” it can really throw us for a loop! Here on earth, when the only constant in life is change, why do we continue to struggle to accept it?
Throughout my years I have met all…

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The History of Breaking Addiction Meetings

Connection to God and community removes shame and stigma, and replaces it with hope.

We are designed to want for and engage with community.

In April of 2017, I was struggling with addiction and my family had left because of my behavior.

I remember the day. My girlfriend said she wanted to leave with our six-month-old daughter for a few days and stay at her mother’s. We had been fighting for months, Lauren needed a break.

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Trusting the Wrong Person

So often do I fall in love with a new speaker, author, pastor…etc and the material that they disseminate. I…

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Acceptable Addictions

Well, that sounds strange… acceptable “addictions”. Can that be right? Is this possible? For an “addiction” to be acceptable? I’d…

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I Don’t Look Like It Now, But I Didn’t Back Then Either

Occasionally I will be having a conversation with someone I’ve been getting to know, my past will come up, and…

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