Devotional 01.30.2019

One year ago today I was playing music in my basement while working out. I left the basement to go up to my room on the second floor.

As I walked upstairs I could barely hear the music but it was there. Then I touched the railing and I could feel the music. The vibration from the basement through all the connecting framework of my home. We are the vibrational carrier’s of Gods music to those who can not hear. We are the framework of Gods house.

Not words, not our actions. Only true unconditional love. You can not fake something another is meant to feel.

Today I pray that we live out our faith in a way that can be felt in the heart of others.

We are equipped to shed our physical density from a lifetime of learned behaviors.
As adopted heirs of Jesus we are so much more then what this world has formed us to be.
The love of God comes from within when Jesus dwells in our hearts. Live within the truth of who we are. We are a light in the dark reflecting the love of God in daily lives and interactions.

Be the light so that the truth of God may be illuminated for others.

-Shawn O’Donnell

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