Devotional 02.01.19

I found myself this past weekend reminiscing of times and people that are now in my past.

Sometimes I day dream reliving those memories of old, with thoughts of re-kindling those relationships to experience those feelings that seem to still be lingering on from time to time in my head. Praise God that I haven’t given into that temptation, but it’s there. If old habits die hard, it only makes sense that these snap shots of my former life would as well.

Internal battles like this come and go in our lives. They can either make us or break us in a lot of ways. They can close us off from Christ or bring us closer to Him. The enemy tries to tell us the lies that what we left behind to pursue Christ’s righteousness is somehow better than the Lords promises, or that somehow the Lords promises of a better life aren’t within our grasps due to our past failures and mistakes. I’ve been told the lie many times that I deserve a better marriage and that working to heal my family isn’t worth the tears and heartache. That’s why the enemy is called the father of lies.

While in prayer, I was reminded that Jesus never promised me that this journey with Him would be an easy one.

He didn’t promise us perfect marriages, jobs, families, friendships, health, wealth, or any of the above.

He never said that we wouldn’t struggle with temptations or sinful desires. He didn’t say once that we would live this life without suffering or have feelings of despair.

Here’s what He did promise us though…

That we can see the Kingdom of God because we’re born again. (Ref: John 3:3)

That we no longer have to worry about everyday life! God knows our needs and meets them when we make His Kingdom our primary concern. (Ref: Matthew 6:25-33)

Jesus will show himself to us because we love him. (Ref: John 14:21)

Because Jesus died for our sins, we are no longer separated from God. We now live in close union with him. (Ref: Romans 5:10)

God’s power works best in our weakness. (Ref: 2 Corinthians 12:9)

Through the energy of Christ working powerfully in us, we can teach others His truths. (Ref: Colossians 1:29)

We have been saved, not by works, but grace, so that we might do good works. (Ref: Ephesians 2:9-10)

When we call out to God He answers us. He tells us things we wouldn’t know otherwise. (Ref: Jeremiah 33:3)

Because we place our hope in the Lord, our strength is renewed. (Ref: Isaiah 40:31)

As WE follow Jesus… WE walk with him, WE have peace! (Ref: Luke 24:36)

The cross of Christ is our power. (Ref: 1 Corinthians 1:17)

Our God meets all of our needs. (Ref: Philippians 4:19)

This list could go on and on.

My encouragement to you as we head into the weekend is this: regardless of the problems going on in your life or the struggles that your facing, there’s going to be a promise in the Bible to cancel it, conquer it, and carry you above it—one way or the other.

Spend some time with Jesus, just you and Him. Search for His promises in the Bible; personalize them, believe them, confess them, then praise God in advance for the manifestation of them in your life.

God’s doing a new thing in your life!



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