Down, Not Out

This is the Friday known as “Good Friday”. This is the day we believe that Jesus died for our sins. He died and everyone there that day thought it was the end. That’s it, pack it up and let’s go home.

Can you imagine, you’ve been following the news about this crazy guy named Jesus of Nazareth for 3 years. Wondering if the rumors are true, could He be the Messiah? Could He be the one too free the Israelites from Roman occupation?

Or even crazier, you have been traveling and living with this guy for 3 years as one of His disciples, best friends. You did believe He was the Messiah. You were FULLY invested in Him.

Now “GOOD” Friday comes along, and at the time it certainly seemed like the worst Friday many could remember. They didn’t understand the whole rising from the grave part, how could they? Even His closest friend abandoned Him. They literally ran away.

Have you ever been in one of those situations? Where you had hopes, expectations and were fully invested in something, only to have the whole thing seemingly fall apart around you?

The disciples of Jesus and anyone else who had put their hope in Him were in that position. But they didn’t know Jesus was down yet not out.

That’s what makes it GOOD FRIDAY, He was down, but He wasn’t out. He died for our sins, yet He would rise from the grave three days later because God has power over sin AND death. He offers us newness of life, His very life.

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Good Friday is good because of what happens three days later. We must keep our eyes on the hope set before us, Jesus Christ.

I pray that if you are in a position like the disciples were on the actual night Jesus was apprehended you would turn to God. If everything has fallen apart, your world has crumbled and you have no hope in men, things or yourself, I promise you God is worth putting your hope in. He can deliver you, His power defeated sin and the grave, your situation is not bigger than that.

Peace in Christ Jesus,

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