Filling the Void

We live in a world that caters to the idea of always needing more. Everywhere we turn there are ads trying to get us to purchase something that is guarenteed to change our life or make us happier. The latest and greatest phones, TVs, clothing, furniture, decor, toys… with media hunting us down in every way possible, it can be easy to turn our attention to the desire for more, in order to fulfill something only God can.

I like to refer to this “missing piece” within us as a “God-sized hole.” We can try to fill this void with anything and everything, seemingly finding some sort of happiness or pleasure in the midterm, but the more we do this, the larger this hole tends to get. Eventually, it would seem as if nothing can truly satisfy us, and I have found this to be the truth. Without God, we will always have some void that needs to be filled. Even with God we can still attempt to fill it with outside things and forget to turn back to Him. The only one who can truly satisfy us and make us complete is the Lord. The good news is: He wants to!

When we stop attempting to find happiness and satisfaction outside of ourselves, we can begin to turn inward. While this may be a daunting task to undertake at first, I can personally attest to it being well worth every effort. God will guide us through his word, his people and by any means necessary to empty us of the things we thought we knew and needed, to fulfill all we really need. In this we may find rest and satisfaction in a way we never knew before.

Phones will break, clothing will wear and tear, people will let us down… God is firm and steady and the rock upon which I stand. I choose to let my Lord fill my soul where I find rest and refuge in Him. This is not to say I am perfect by alsboutely any means! I fail constantly, but He is always there and never shames me. When I keep God first and sobriety second, everything else falls into place.


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