Follow His Will

You can’t always get what you want: so well laid out as a familiar tune that we all know at least a few of the lyrics to. Whenever that thought comes in my head, whenever someone says that line, or just whenever things don’t necessarily go my way, that tune starts playing its familiar melody in my memory.

I have found, over the years, that not always getting what I want is a good thing. Sometimes, it is the best thing that could happen and I don’t realize it until much later. The one thing I do know, in the midst of things not usually going my way, is that I find God always knows what I need. Most of the time I don’t even understand why things went the way they did, or pan out the way they do, but somehow it just makes sense. With maturity of faith comes a more honed ability to let things be. Through much trial and error, I have come to understand that there are very few things in this world I can control, and that trying to grip tighter, willing things to go my way simply does not work. I am pretty stubborn and strong-willed, so you know you have a good reference here!

To begin listing the things I wanted in life that did not go my way, nor by my own will, would take a lot more space that I have here right now. To list the things the Lord has blessed me with instead of what I thought I wanted, would take even longer. As I sit around right now looking and thinking about my perfectly imperfect life, I am beyond content and incredibly grateful. He promises He will provide, and He surely does! This looks different for everyone in different seasons of their life, and please remember that faith without works is dead.

Sometimes the way God chooses to provide for us is by placing us in situations where we have to decide what to do: set about the work in front of us, seizing opportunity, or wallow in what we do not have and how hard life can be. By pulling up our bootstraps, and trusting in our God, we can face any day, no matter how difficult, because the worst of it was purchased for us by the blood of Christ.

Of all the things I wanted to have, do, see, and be, I am most astounded and in full adoration for the faith in my heart that has been restored, the redemption of my soul through the love of Jesus, and the opportunities this path has provided. I certinaly do not always get what I want, but when I look and see, I always get what I need.


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