Humble, Powerful Love

As adopted sons and daughters of God we have a calling on our lives to love others as ourselves.

We are on a journey home. It is a long road. We are not called to take the short cuts.

We go into that dark cave, through the valley, up the mountains, and across the raging sea.

No short cuts! God’s love for us travels a distance beyond our understanding. We are image bearers of God. By the Holy Spirit we find strength to seek our brothers and bear with them. Bearing with can mean listening with an open heart, or literally picking up our brothers to carry them to Jesus.

When we love God, we care for ourselves and respect His Holy temple. We are then called to love others as ourselves. If my heart is aligned with God’s heart then I gladly seek my lost brothers on this journey home. The way we treat the least of these is the same harsh treatment we use with our families and ourselves.

The love of our heavenly Father creates a deep compassion for our lost brothers.
I have been in the place of that lost man. God used a community of hundreds of believers to seek me out. We can only work together as the body of Christ when we accept our place with grateful hearts. I have no problem taking my place in the beginning that the end may be revealed to me later. I have faith that I am called according to His purpose and things will work for our good. Those who seek beyond their current place forfeit the race.

Seek the kingdom of God with a childlike faith. It is so much easier to love each other as an image bearer of God when we are humble. You will experience the least strain when you can get below an object you are trying to lift.

This is a search and rescue mission during our pilgrimage home. We will endure trials that cause anguish at times. In those valleys we can find the deepest connection to God. As we find those deeper springs of living water it provides comfort that Jesus is in the fire with us no matter where we make our bed. We know that the current sufferings of this present time do not compare to the glory we will witness in Christ Jesus. The closer we come to Jesus, the more we encounter the fellowship of His suffering. We die to self in faith that we will rise with the Son.

God today I ask You to humble all of us and help us find a bold faith. Father we need more strength to let go of ego and our own understanding than we could ever need to force our short term agendas. Holy Spirit dwell in these temples and reveal the wisdom that is above our ways. We bind this request in a united voice. May our love for one another reveal Your glory.
In Jesus name Amen


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