I am a Testimony to the Mercy of God

My name is Shawn O’Donnell.

I am a testimony to the mercy of God.

I have been through a lot of pain in my life. I was abandoned by my father early on. My mother abused me until I ran away at fifteen. I lived on my own since the age of fifteen. I never graduated high school, and I fell into depression which led me to self medicate. Drugs made me think the way I was living was acceptable. The momentary bliss of drug use overshadowed the daily struggle. I was always hustling to get money for drugs. I feared those hours without drugs because I had no grace to see who I had become. The times I died of overdoses. The long periods in jail. The friends I stole from. The women I used and lied to. My daughter that I had abandoned, just as my father did to me. The restraining order. I was being homeless and without a license for years of my adult life. I could go on. I barely remember that man any longer. I am a new creation. Jesus is the light guiding my heart. I no longer have a shallow relationship with others. I care, I stretch and sometimes break, I am flawed yet perfected in Him. I love deeply, and that gives me compassion for others. I could go through the miracles, promises and the good of God for days.
Instead, all I want to say is, I am blessed. We are blessed to have Jesus available for all that seek. Jesus restored our relationship to our heavenly father. Knock, and he will answer. I am eagerly watching and earnestly praying for those in the Breaking Addiction Meeting to hear the call. I know some already have. I pray you to shine brightest on your dark days and that your impact for the kingdom of God is something I will stand in awe of. I am blessed to know my place at the beginning that I may someday see the glory unfold in the end.

If you have never accepted Jesus, please say this prayer with me. Come with an open heart. No expectations of blessings and no fear. Say this prayer for the simple reason of knowing Jesus. I will not lie. It is a harder path than the ignorance and chasing the desires of the flesh. Those things keep us distracted as we spiritually die. At any point when Jesus returns I want to already be alive in Him!

Father in heaven I recognize that I am living in sin. I turn away from those things now as I have come to know the truth of Jesus. I confess that Jesus is the Son of God and died on the cross for my sins. Jesus defeated death on the cross and rose to new life. Jesus dwells within my heart and raises my spirit from death to life. You will be done, Father. In Jesus name Amen.

Shawn O’Donnell

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