Never Forsaken

Sometimes things in life don’t seem to go as planned. Sometimes, they go as planned and don’t turn out to be what we actually needed, or even wanted. Other times, everything seems to be right on track and it feels like the rug got ripped out from under us. When these situations occur for you, where do you turn?

Personally, aside from turning to Jesus in prayer, I also have a list of things to go through that He has set in my life to get me (or rather, to help me) stay on track when the going gets rough. I try to always first turn to Jesus in one form of prayer or another, and then I start reaching out to my support network: friends, family, people I know and trust from different programs and groups. When I am truly open to what the Lord wishes me to do next in order to find the guidance I need, He always lays on my heart who to turn to or what to do.

This does not always happen immediately, however. There are times when it seems as if He has gone radio silent, and my prayers are just out there drifting. I know this is not the case, but in these times, I believe, He wants me to seek Him more. This usually seems to coincide with those times I am being disobedient, or just simply and fighting to have my way. Coincidence? I think not.

God has placed so many wonderful people and places in my life that, in the flesh, I always have somewhere to turn for anything I may be facing. When I’m in need of fellowship and prayer? Church and small groups. When I have a desire to drink or use? Twelve Step meetings. When I need both? The fellowship from the Breaking Addiction Meeting. An ear to just hear me out and listen to me? Any of the above. The list goes on. All of these groups of people are places where I find Him in the fellowship He created us to have and need. I see His love in how you walk with one another. I hear His voice when newcomers come to believe. I feel His spirit present in all that is going on in my life, during both good times and bad.

The Lord our God is always listening and always present. He can be found in anything and everything, be it still waters or raging seas. Sometimes, all we need to do is stop and listen before we act.


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