Slow Down Long Enough to Marvel

That’s what my devotional read; to slow down and marvel at the One who created Heaven and earth, the galaxies and the inhabitants of it all. The devotional then went on to state that the sun is ninety-three million miles away, and that how we’re unable to stare at it for the obvious reasons. You can’t touch the sun and live, to think you so it would be considerate silly, so how is it possible that we are currently attached to the One who shines brighter than the sun?

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The Bible tells us that high angels cover themselves with their wings in His presence (Isa. 6:2), yet you and I are members of His body. Why would Someone so extraordinary, so magnificent choose to care for you like a member of His own body?

Please tell me you didn’t just keep reading that sentence without stopping to ponder the statement that was just made!

Please tell me you paused for even a minute, a few seconds to worship God. Did you? Be honest, not with me but with yourself.

It’s no wonder we aren’t known as those who “rejoice with joy that is inexpressible” (1 Pet. 1:8).

We don’t make time to meditate on His mysteries long enough to change the trajectory of our mornings, afternoons, evenings, nights, tomorrow’s or beyond. Do we really seek the Lord just to be in His presence or is there an ulterior motive behind our prayers and words of worship and praise? For me personally, I have to admit that behind most of my prayers is a want or a need that I’m waiting to ask God for. I’ve become the child of the highest that tries to do good, only to receive something I’m itching for. My fear and love of the Lord have been watered down by my agenda and wishlist. What’s greater, my fear of going to hell or my love for Jesus? How about you, what are your thoughts on that question? I’m not OK with living like this and if you even hesitated with your response to that question, you shouldn’t be either.

Bottom line is everything can change right now! In this very moment, a new page is set before us. Jesus paid it all so we could have this fresh start.

I pray that you join me right now to choose worship and praise over grumbling and busyness. Let’s choose that His will be done, in our lives and on earth as it would be done in Heaven. Let’s commit to making Him our prize, and take time, real quiet time to hear the wonders that He’s so eager to share with us…if we’d only stop and listen and admire the God who’s made His home inside of each and everyone one of us who call Jesus LORD and savior.

He’s worthy of our time, worship and praises. The One who holds the sun in His hand calls you His own, His beloved.



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